Founded in 1992, Essar Group, Turkey's successful history in-car entertainment, among the leading group in the electronics and e-commerce sector and services sector is moving with the vision of becoming a regional leader.

Group; car multimedia systems, promotions, customer loyalty programs, consumer electronics, security camera systems, including e-commerce and is active in five sectors.

Essa Group's behind its success, customer focus and efficiency of the central area has a management approach. This approach not only with material gains, benefiting the whole community and developing strong corporate citizenship will benefit.

Essar group, 4 joint-stock company and customers served by its approximately 200 employees; cutting-edge technology offers high-quality brands and dynamic human resources. Essar group, not just the value of its brands within the borders of Turkey, aims to raise at the regional and global scale. Group reveals its vision of becoming a regional leader especially in the services sector.

Essar Group, offers services based on the principles of customer satisfaction and trust at any time. As a result of this, creating prestigious brands in the world, Turkey represents the whole world. With extensive sales and service network spread throughout Turkey from users has reached more than 500 points and customers. Car electronics from LG, avtA and Necvox in the security technology sector evervox and pascal, essepro customer loyalty program promotions in the service. In bedavacı e-commerce and provide synergy with major brands such as dü it has also made a major contribution to this process. In addition, Essar Group, is growing unabated in different business lines with new investments. Global company from which the country, Pepsi, Eczacibasi, Sütas, such as the partnership has stepped into power. It is the leading brand of automotive steel Motor Co., the Chevrolet Turkey, Mais Motor Vehicle Co., Temsa tic.san.tic.a.ş, Nissan Automobile Co., ltd Volvo Otomotiv BMC San.Tic.A.Ş Suzuki Cars paz.tic.a.ş, DAF-TIRSAN exceeded Automotive, Anatolia Izumi Automotive Co., Marbles Automotive Co., Inc. bytes of motor vehicles, machinery ASC Inc., Komsan Automotive, Anka marketing of agricultural machinery With general manager, Toyota, Honda, Opel, Ford, Skoda, Suzuki, Volkwagen, dealers are many brands, such as Hyundai has signed a joint venture in the supply of multimedia tools, including basis.

Essar group, all as a product of experience and network, adapting quickly to changes in the world are among the pioneers of change in Turkey.

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