Every day millions of drivers all over the world drive on RONAL wheels! Often without even realizing it. We equip many cars with our high quality light alloy wheels, including many of the major car manufacturers. Even though the wheels carry the car manufacturer logo, the chances are that RONAL are their proud manufacturer.


The development phase of RONAL wheels is a crafted balance between design and engineering at the highest level. By using the latest computer technology for design and simulation, RONAL engineers attain the highest quality in production design.
Special methods such as the Failure-Mode-Effects Analysis (FMEA), the Finite-Element-Analysis (FEA) or the casting simulation are used to avoid time consuming and costly corrections in the broader development process. All data, analysis and simulation results are integrated in the production process from the first step to the very last.
Analysis, Casting and Design Ronal Alloy wheels

RONAL is leader and expert in all the major areas; design, lightweight construction, materials engineering, process engineering and surface treatment. Our international customers from the automotive industry rely on our product know-how and on our specific process knowledge, they often turn to us for professional advice.

Alternative materials:

For the procurement of our main production material aluminium, we exclusively work with renowned suppliers that focus on the highest quality. Once the aluminium is bought, it is further processed in our own facilities. RONAL engineers, however, constantly research the possibilities of alternative materials as well.

From casting to flow forming:

RONAL has been your specialist in cast light alloy wheels for the past 40 years. Apart from one-piece cast wheels, RONAL also manufactures high-quality lightweight flow formed wheels in which certain areas are flow formed after casting. Flow forming allows a wheel to have a light weight and a most sophisticated design.

Lighter and larger:

Aluminium is considerably lighter than steel. This material advantage is gratefully used by our company in the production and in the design of our wheels. RONAL wheels that have a diameter of 19 inches weigh less than 10 kilograms and are under the top performers of the industry. RONAL offers light alloy wheels in a wide range of dimensions, from 15 inches up to 22 inches.

Our finish delivers what it promises!

Various finishes, high gloss or polish, are standard at RONAL. An elaborate multi-layer structure ensures the highest surface quality. An excellent cast in combination with an extensive pre-treatment of the wheel is prerequisite for RONAL quality and guarantees a long lifespan.


All RONAL wheels are an accomplishment of interdisciplinary, transnational project teams. The teams bring together sales professionals, technical engineers, production engineers and quality assurance engineers. After the teams have been brought together, an efficient project management enables streamlined procedures that bring the desired product at the desired time to the customer.


Besides the manufacturing of wheels, RONAL also manufactures its own tools and moulds in its international company network. By making its own tools and moulds, RONAL guarantees short development times with the highest quality and the best know-how at hand.

Rigorous tests:

The requirements imposed by the automotive industry and expected by our end-users are very high. It is our task to meet all these requirements. Wheels that at one point in time will drive our streets are tested rigorously as prototypes in RONAL’s in-house development lab. The most up-to-date testing material allows us to simulate all sorts of road conditions and situations, in order to test the functioning and the durability of the wheel. The wheels are released for production only when all tests are completed successfully.

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